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Effects and Symptoms


* Addiction

* Feeling warm, drowsy and content

* Relieves stress and discomfort

* Relaxed detachment from pain (increased tolerance to pain), desires and activity

* Decreased sexual pleasure, indifference to sex

* Short-lived state of euphoria, followed by drowsiness

* Nodding off, ‘gouching’ (at very high doses)

* Small pupils ('pinned' eyes), droopy eyelids, impaired night vision

* Constipation

* Slowed and slurred speech

* Itching (at first few uses, sometimes later at larger doses)

* Dry mouth

* Reduced appetite / thirst

* Irregular menstruation

* Vomiting (at first use and later at high doses)

* Slow, irregular heart rate

* Irregular blood pressure

* Depressing of the nervous system, including reflexes such as coughing, breathing and heart rate

* Widening of the blood vessels, which gives a feeling of warmth but reduces bowel activity

* As tolerance develops more heroin is required to achieve a ‘high’

* As tolerance develops more heroin is required just to feel ‘normal’ and not to be ill

* Sedation and coma

* Death from overdose

* Respiratory depression

* Infectious diseases i.e. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C

* Can impair immune system

* Convulsions (part of withdrawal syndrome)

* Collapsed veins

* Abscesses

* Bacterial infections

* Spontaneous abortion / labour

* Infection of heart lining and valves

* Arthritis and other rheumatologic problems

* Impair soft tissues in certain voluntary muscles (i.e. the intestines)

Drugs and Alcohol highly affect Teenagers, for more information on this topic click here.

External Resource on heroin addiction: http://www.michaelshouse.com/heroin-addiction/



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